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Dear friends and colleagues!

During inventory in the "RUSSIAN HOUSE of AVIATION" was found used MI-8T helicopter, tail number RA-23 ...

Contact us by phone +7 (495) 215-54-01 or ... )))

-Sorry, of course this is a joke!... Now seriously, during the Inventory in "RHA" nothing was lost! Imagine, all the parts were in place and in full configuration.Everything is neatly laid out on the shelves and waiting for your helicopter. )) Therefore, we remind you that our online-store is open around the clock! Still, there were some surprises: in one of the passports, we found, guess WHAT? No, no! It’s not Mikhail Mil's autograph (unfortunately…)

We found a postage stamp in one of the passports! Wow!!! 


Application for spare parts