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17-18 February, Aircraft Industries, the Czech civil aircraft manufacturer, hosted the annual flight technical conference for Russian operators of airliner L 410. The agenda of the conference included issues on aircraft operation, supply, repair and maintenance, as far as the prospects of L 410 project development in Russia. The participants of the business-event had an excellent opportunity to exchange invaluable operational experience and discuss pressing issues with their Czech counterparts.

The opening of the conference conducted with the greeting speech and the annual report of Sergey Martynov, the moderator and theinspirer of the event. The traditional list of the conference attendants included the representatives of several companies. The report of SUE Orenburg region "International airport" Orenburg " elicited applause from the audience, the presentation of the " Komiaviatrans " airline focused on the current L 410 issues, not to mention the speech of " Uktus Airline”, notable for its outstanding contractiveness.

The first day of the event made it clear that, while many operators L 410 shared the same problems there were some unique issue for the discussion. The report on operation of L 410 in extreme conditions by the representative of "Aeroservis" company chairman Krinitsyn P., based not only on their own experience, but also on the experience of PANH Airlines Ulan –Ude became the bright illustration of the statement. The number of specific features of L 410 operation was also mentioned by Stasyukevich S.P., ATB Chief State Unitary Enterprise "Khabarovsk Airlines".

In general, the operators of L 410 had plenty of ideas for discussion, and, luckily, Aircraft Industries, the manufacturer of L 410, and «GE Aviation», the manufacturer of engines, as well as the factory - manufacturer of propellers «AVIA PROPELLER» listened carefully to the operator problems and tried to solve them immediately.Unfortunately, some questions puzzled even the most experienced professionals of Aircraft Industries, but the work was not limited to the scope of the conference and the general vector of the project development and maintenance, in our opinion, is in the right direction.

«GE Aviation» had the largest delegation represented by several units of technical, management and guiding staff. Although operators still had claims to «GE Aviation», the number of claims significantly decreased comparing to the last year, which indicates the high efficiency of the company work during this year.

The charismatic representative of PJSC "NAZ Sokol" Fedorov O. also made a highly informative report on the L 410 project progress made in 2015. He told about the benefits of working with their company as an authorized service center of «GE Aviation» and as a service center of «AVIA PROPELLER».

The representative of our team Tarasyuk Anna D. who curates the L-410 project, made the report on delivery of L 410 components in Russia. Anna Dmitrievna presented the project of a special logistic center in Ulyanovsk economic zone for fast L 410 spares delivery and announced a review of the main concern issues with real examples from our practice and, of course, suggested options for their solutions. Instant response from the audience showed that the problems are relevant, especially the high cost of aviation equipment and the inability of operational delivery. On the way to Moscow, we already came up with the next steps to resolve the existing issues. We hope to please operators with significant expansion of the warehouse items and new service solutions in the near future.

Thank you for your time! We will keep you informed!

For more detailed information about the conference you may contact Anna Tarasuyk Tel.: +7 (926) 089-29-66 E-mail: sad@domavia.ru


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