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We are pleased to announce that in 2016, "RUSSIAN HOUSE of AVIATION" is the exclusive dealer of scientific and technical firm "ASD", more than 20 years specializing in the development, production and implementation of unique automated systems for diagnosis of electronic systems and units of aircraft

Ask (Automated system monitoring/diagnostics) is a high – tech solution for diagnostics, configuration and testing of on-Board electronics, which allows fast, accurate and informative to ascertain the condition and determine the output parameters of almost any electronic device. The capabilities of the system allow not only to evaluate the performance of the unit, but to locate the problem, in case malfunction is detected. 

The functionality of the test equipment is so wide that allow you to apply it on all stages of the life cycle the on-Board electronics:

In the development, series production and acceptance tests of the onboard electronic equipment on the manufacturer
When the input control units from suppliers to aircraft factories and enterprises-manufacturers of on-Board systems
During routine and emergency inspections of dismantled equipment operator
When Troubleshooting and diagnosing before repair on aircraft repair enterprises
Existing and passing the certification the product is unique and has no analogues in the world. The development and production of everything from hardware modules to software, implemented in the Russian Federation with the use of own know-how and years of experience. At the same time, due to the localization of production, the prices for serial production and development of new test complexes is several times lower than the competition. While others put up prices in dollars (and the account goes on millions), we support the national currency and keep modesty in pricing. However, in the diagnosis, directly linked with safety, the question of money is secondary. The most important is the quality and efficiency. With the responsibility declare that the products "ASD", despite the obvious advantages in price, first and foremost attractive just that. Here are some advantages of its use:

The acceleration of the testing process. Checking electrical parameters in less than 10 min.
Reducing the time and cost of training. Sufficient basic knowledge of the PC.
The deepest test. Extremely high precision of testing.
Account of the correlation interaction of the signals and the impact of external factors.
Exclusion of human factor influence on the test results.
The best opportunities of modernization
Products and services for the development and implementation of the KPA is already used by such giants of Russian aviation, like Engineering, St. Petersburg; "Aviaavtomatika", Kursk; Klimov, St. Petersburg; "Helicopter service company", Moscow; "Ulan-Ude aviation plant", Ulan-Ude and others.

In addition, the scientific and technical potential allows the company to develop, manufacture and implementation of automated diagnostic systems for all onboard electronic systems from scratch. In close cooperation with the manufacturer of check blocks, creates high-tech equipment, sharpened by the specific unit/system. For maximum results, simulates all types of sensors and loads, supports all modern channels of information exchange, programmable power supplies and switches, signals, power and control, used a variety of generators and meters. In this case, if we undertake the design, guarantee the depth and accuracy of checks received as a result of ask can not be matched by any counterpart. 

We offer You to personally evaluate the high quality of products "ASD" to ensure a broad scientific and technical capabilities of the enterprise for the development of new systems! 

We will be happy to answer any of Your questions and tell you more about everything that could be of interest to You: 

Zhukov Ilya – iz@domavia.ru
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