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Dear colleagues!

We are glad to inform that on 2 June 2016 the company "RDA" has become an official distributor of unmanned aircraft systems and related equipment of the company "Geoskan"

AFC GeoScan is designed to obtain accurate and highly detailed photographic maps of the terrain, terrain models, and build 3D models. The composition of the complex includes all the necessary hardware and software to take a picture, and processing of obtained materials. A number of unmanned vehicles of the different range of actions allow you to perform work on different projects — from individual buildings, structures, excavation to a significant size of territories and long linear features.

OOO "RDA" not only offers to supply at factory prices GeoScan unmanned systems but also provides services with the use of drones of various types under the key. Depending on Your requirements and objectives we define a suitable set of equipment and components of a system for best results. All risks, legal nuances and approval we take care of. The specialists of our company will provide training, job execution and post-processing in order to provide You with easy to understand information product applicable to the specifics of Your business. 

More detailed information can be found by clicking on the link http://www.domavia.ru/uslugi/rabota-s-bpla or contact our staff: 

iz@domavia.ru – Zhukov Ilya
lea@domavia.ru – Lopatyuk Elina azatovna


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